All You Need to Know About the Enchanted Woods Journal

All You Need to Know About the Enchanted Woods Journal

Are you tired of drawing lines and tables on your bullet journal over and over again?

Imagine that you’ve finally bought your bullet journal and all the lovely colored pens you’ve purchased on the same day… You open up your bullet journal, staring at the blank dotted pages, you realized that you would have to draw lines after lines, table after tables from January up to December before you could even start planning your year…

If you have a bullet journal, you would probably know what I’m talking about.

And after spending hours upon hours creating the lines, tables and content for your journal, you are probably now just too tired to have the mental capacity to focus and start planning your goals for the year. You’re probably now saying to yourself,

“Argh, I’ll leave it for now and just plan for tomorrow…”

Realizing that the hours you’ve just wasted could’ve been well-spent planning and decorating your planner rather than spending on those mindless, repetitive and unfruitful tasks for your journal. Not to mention, the number of rules you need to follow to create your bullet journal.

Now it sounds like I am against bullet journaling. None at all. As a busy mom of four, I often do not have the luxury to sit down and draw lines and tables for my journal. I just want to get on with it and start planning. Every minute is precious to me. This is my humble and honest opinion.

But for those who have time – by all means, bullet-journal away… 🙂

And if you would like a change of journal for next year, you will LOVE what I have to offer ~

Introducing my newest creation…


The Enchanted Woods Journal Printable Collection



This collection is a cross between bullet journaling and goal-setting printables. I took the best of both worlds and created something special with this magical theme.

This   Enchanted Woods Journal Printable Collection will:

  • Give you access to 176+ pages of pure joy with lines and tables all ready for you to write, doodle and personalize your journal and more…
  • Help you stop wasting precious time, so you can focus on what matters most – planning, creating and exploring your creative side so you can create the journal you love using.
  • Help invoke mindfulness – journaling will help bring your wandering mind to attention and engage actively with your thoughts
  • Be more organized and help you achieve your goals – writing your goals down will provide a psychological blueprint and increases the likelihood of achieving them.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside in the first few pages of this printable journal:

Have you ever experience writer’s block?

You know when you stare at your note book or bullet journal and you do not know what the heck to write or where to start. Seeing a blank or lined notebook makes you this way sometimes.

But fret not, because what if I told you, you won’t be stuck or bored ever again?

If you’re ready for a change, you will love The   Enchanted Woods Journal Printable Collection.

Monthly Planners


So basically, for every month, you will get a set of Monthly Planner, Weekly Planner and Note Pages (which you can print as many as you like) for those days where you feel like writing your heart out. These pages are color/pattern co-ordinated for the respective month. So you will have 12 different patterns for each month.

The monthly planners are dated for 2019. Where as the weekly planner is un-dated – in case if you miss a week or two, then you won’t need to skip pages. There are lots of room for you to write, doodle or paste your washi tapes or stickers to further personalize your journal.

Check out these juicy pages below:


This   Enchanted Woods Journal Printable Collection is  also:

  • Consists of monthly and weekly planners and note pages
  • Help boost your memory and understanding – the act of writing causes the mind to create the formation of letters in the brain which then causes the mind to formulate ideas while journaling. This helps you to remember and comprehend better.
  • Help you to heal emotionally, physically and psychologically when you practice expressive writing.
  • Boost self-confidence -The release of endorphins and dopamine will help boost your self-esteem and mood when you write about a positive experience. This allows your brain to relieve it and reaffirms your abilities when self-doubt appears.

Here’s a sneak peek of what the monthly planner pages will look like in this printable journal. And the image next to it is a close up of the monthly planner. It also shows you an example on how to use this planner. Use stickers, printable quotes or whatever you like to decorate your planner.

So to recap the problems you may be facing right now: 

Number 1: The tedious tasks of drawing lines and tables for your bullet journal and the ridiculous amount of time it takes to get it all ready before you could even start to plan your year, month or weeks. Not to mention, the number of bullet-journal rules to follow to get your journal organized…

Number 2: You are a mom, dad, student, business owner or busy with your full-time job… Or you have a crazy amount of tasks on your to-do-lists, which makes it impossible for you to have time for anything else…

Number 3: You feel clueless because you do not know where to start or what to write when you are staring at your blank lined note book or the typical diary you would normally find in your stationery shop.

And I would like to add another one..

Number 4: You may feel unmotivated, un-inspired, lack of confidence and direction in your life. Or feeling just plain lazy because you need some push and guidance to help you get started with goal-planning.

If you’ve said YES to any of the FOUR problems above ~

Then I am confident that you will love the Enchanted Woods Journal Printable Collection.

As mentioned previously, it’s a cross between bullet journaling and goal-setting printables. I took the best of both of these ideas and created something special with this magical theme.

Weekly Planners

Below is what the   Weekly Planner    pages will look like. As previously mentioned, these pages are un-dated, so you can add them yourselves as you plan. So if you do miss a couple of weeks, you don’t need to skip pages – saving you ink and paper.

The image on the right is a close up page of how you can use and decorate your Weekly Planner pages using various sorts of mediums such as colored pens, markers, highlighters, washi taps, printable stickers, quotes and much more.


Note Pages

Below is a sneak preview of what the   Note Pages    will look like inside this journal. Write notes or journal your thoughts away with this very cute note pages. And the image on the right is a close up page of your Note Pages.


So that’s everything inside this journal. I’ve kept it relatively simple so you can take over and go crazy with it. Put in your own twist, your style and personalize it to make it your own. 

So let’s recap ~

Here’s what you will get with the Enchanted Woods Journal Printable Collection:

  • Give you access to 176+ pages of pure joy with lines and tables all ready for you to write, doodle and personalize your journal and more…
  • 1 cover page
  • This Journal Belongs to page
  • Dream Big Planner
  • Yearly Planner (Plan each month of the year)
  • Overview Yearly Planner (A birds eye view for the whole year)
  • Consists of 12 sets of Monthly Planners
  • 60 sets of Un-dated Weekly Planners and
  • 12 sets of Note Pages (print as many as you want to use)
  • 14 beautiful and positive motivational quotes to keep you inspired and motivated as you plan each month (including the intro pages of this journal)
  • Cute and magical clip arts which makes your journal one of a kind.

The benefits of using the Enchanted Woods Journal will:

  • Help you stop wasting precious time, so you can focus on what matters most – planning, creating and exploring your creative side so you can create the journal you love using.
  • There’s NO journal rules to follow. You set your own rules!
  • Help invoke mindfulness – journaling will help bring your wandering mind to attention and engage actively with your thoughts
  • Be more organized and help you achieve your goals – writing your goals down will provide a psychological blueprint and increases the likelihood of achieving them.
  • Help boost your memory and understanding – the act of writing causes the mind to create the formation of letters in the brain which then causes the mind to formulate ideas while journaling. This helps you to remember and comprehend better.
  • Help you to heal emotionally, physically and psychologically when you practice expressive writing.
  • Boost self-confidence -The release of endorphins and dopamine will help boost your self-esteem and mood when you write about a positive experience. This allows your brain to relieve it and reaffirms your abilities when self-doubt appears.

And if you like what you see so far… I would really appreciate it if you would SHARE this blogpost (click the floating social icons on your left on desktop and bottom if you are using a mobile) to those who would benefit from this journal.

Next up…

choosing your perfect Binder System

So we’ve gone through the problems you may be facing right now and the solution to have an organized and fantastic 2019.

And I believe this sweet collection will help you get there.

And now, we’ll quickly go over the different binder systems you can choose before printing your journal.

See three examples below:

Here are other binder systems to look into:

  • 3-Hole Ring Binder
  • Discbound Binder
  • Spiral Binding
  • Wire Binding
  • Coil Binding
  • Kettle Stitch Binding

We won’t go into much detail today, but I promise that I will write in more detail in another blog post on all the different types of binder systems out there and what they are. But if you’re really curious to know what they are now.. you can always Google to find out more.


Local Printer

Some of these options above especially the spiral, wire or coil binding can be done by your local printer. All you need is to print at home, arrange it to your liking and take it to your printer to bind them for you. Or better still, send the file over and get your printer to do it all for you. There may be a small fortune to get them done for you, but you save precious time in the process. Remember though, you need to plan first and inform your printer in detail on how you want the pages to be arranged so they can do it for you. They can’t read minds.

Nothing beats a personalized planner that you have put much thought and care into. The paper and print quality will also be better and your journal will look professional.

And you only need to do it once. And once its printed, it’s done and all ready to be used for the year.


Do It Yourself

What I Am Personally Using


I personally like the 6-hole binder/organizer (see image above) as I am already using it myself because I like to move pages around and having the option to do so is perfect for me. If you are looking to get the 6-hole ring binder yourself, check out my shop for more design options.

I am currently using the A5 size binder. And for those who do not know what A5 is, it is half of an A4 size. Although it isn’t as big as A4 (see tall picture above as reference), I can still comfortable write on it and it is small enough to be portable if you’re contantly traveling.

See sizes below as reference:

  • A4    210 x 297mm (8.27 x 11.69 in)
  • A5    148.5 x 210mm (5.83 × 8.27 in)


I have a basic HP printer – HP DeskJet 3630 and yes, it is an inkjet printer.

It’s fast, quiet and has all the basic needs I need in a printer which is:

  • A scanner (lets me scan either in black and white or color)
  • A copier (lets me photocopy either in black and white or in color)
  • Wireless capabilities (so I can use my mobile phone to print recipes or documents wherever I am at home)
  • A genuine HP ink cartridge (A genuine HP ink gives you way better quality print)

I know there are used or conterfeit HP ink cartridges out there that is cheaper but the print quality may be questionable. I like my prints to look great (crisp and clear texts) hence I always opt for the genuine cartridge. The quality of the print also sometimes depends on the printer settings that you use. For everyday print, I opt for the ‘Normal’setting under print quality. But if I’m printing photographs to be framed, I use the ‘Best’ settings.

There’s another way you can save on ink and that is buying better quality paper for your inkjet printer and if you buy in bulk, you may be paying a little more upfront but you save heaps down the line and you could use it for years to come. When you opt for a better quality and a heavier paper weight for your printable planners, I only set my print quality to ‘Normal’ and I get really nice clean, crisp, bright print and you’ll be very pleased with it, I promise.



Earlier we talk about getting your printer to print it for you.. but if you’re on a budget and printing it at home like myself, I recommend using the   100-120gsm    for paper weight. It’s a slightly thicker paper weight than your regular paper at home. The regular ones here in NZ are 80 gsm.

I am currently using the Navigator brand. I opt for the Presentation paper 100gsm, the one in maroon (the ticked options in   RED  below are my recommendations). Again, I save on ink because I set the print quality to “Normal”. And it prints great! The dark navy on the far right one (160gsm) is a way thicker paper and is probably suitable for your cover page.

I choose the Presentation paper because the print quality is better, paper is much whiter and brighter than regular paper and as a result, your print will stand out too. I will have to try the Orange one(above) – Color Documents 120gsm paper in the future and will let you know how that prints.

And because it is also a heavier paper weight (100 gsm and above please), your pages will not tear easily especially when you turn the pages over in your ring binder. The ink will also not leak at the back of the paper. This will let you print back and front so you could save on paper too. I’ve done this personally and I’ve loved the results.

Again, I will be making another blog post on how I put my printable planner together. I will let you know when the post is ready. I will also need to do some research on what you guys are using in the US so I can recommend some brands to you.


to recap:

  • Choose your preferred binder system – Saddle-stitching, 2,3 or 6 hole ring binders or other binder systems mentioned above.
  • Get your local printer to print and bind the journal for you if you have lacked of time.
  • Go on a budget by printing it yourself.
  • Choose the right paper weight for better print quality and save on ink.
  • Alway choose a genuine ink cartridge or toner for your inkjet or laser printers for better quality print.


That’s all for today.

I hope this post has been educational and helpful so you can get started on your first personalized journal or planner if you haven’t already.

And if you found this post helpful please help share it and comment below what are your thoughts are on this new printable collection.



Carts Are Now Open!

The Enchanted Woods Journal Printable Collection is NOW LAUNCHED.

Click the image below to purchase your copy NOW!


The Enchanted Woods Journal Launching Soon

The Enchanted Woods Journal Launching Soon


Hello, hello again…

I’m very excited to launch my newest creation which is coming VERY SOON to you..

The launch date is set to this Sunday, 11th November. Jot it down, put a reminder and remember it, my friend.

My newest product is a journal printable collection and this is specially made for the bullet journal and printable planner lovers in mind.. If you like doodling, writing notes, scrap booking, using washi tapes and cute stickers on your journals.. this is for YOU.

I wanted to create a product for people to express themselves using their creativity and I have noticed that these group of people who enjoys journaling, enjoys decorating and personalizing their journals. And although this is not your typical bullet journals you see out there in the market place, I have designed it to simplify the lives of bullet journal fans; keeping in mind for those who enjoy goal-setting printables as well. I also love this theme I’ve chosen very much. 

I have always loved to express the childlike-ness in myself through my products or projects over the years. And in addition to my love of fairy tales, magical forest and beings, I wanted to create a product with this theme in mind. It is a simple, cute but a functional journal. I have kept it simple so you can take over and let your imagination run wild while you create the journal that you love and enjoy using.

Like and share this blog post if you love what you see and if you know anyone who would love a copy of this sweet printable journal.

And if you like to be updated first hand in your inbox of the launch of this product, sign up here (you’ll get a few free printables too!)

Goal Setting: Get Absolutely Clear On Your Goals!

Goal Setting: Get Absolutely Clear On Your Goals!

Goal Setting

Goal setting is an important part of achieving your dream or vision you have set for yourself. It could any one of these; yearly, monthly, weekly or daily goals. Whichever one you are planning, if you are really serious about achieving your goals you need to take some time to plan and get absolutely clear about them (once you are clear about your vision first of course).

For those who have downloaded my free printables, I hope you like them and are making good use of them. For those who haven’t, you can download your free printables here through my sign up link. I personally have chosen these ones; the Monthly Goals Breakdown Planner and Habit Tracker because I know they will give you immediate results – IF you use them of course.

They won’t do anything for you if you just leave them sitting away in your inbox.

Clueless, really..

I was never really a planner or a super organized person. But after having three kids, and running two businesses, I know something’s got to give.

As busy as I was, I had to make time for everything. And here I am, where everyone wants my attention or needs me to do something for them.. or spend time with some one or some thing. I had to make time to cook, run errands, do housework, online shopping (thank GOD for that), doctor’s and dental appointments..And then, there’s the non-negotiable time for the husband. Time for prayer, entertainment and most importantly – time to get out my creative juice: for creating, hustling, packing, sending, newsletters and the list goes on and on…

Gosh, you must be did I do all that with a house full of kids, a husband and two businesses?

Goal planning of course.

And yes, a lot of the credit also goes to my husband, Peter who is my rock in supporting me and my work and helping me with the kids and household when its needed.

I needed to be disciplined too – to stop when I needed to stop and get focused on completing a goal I have set for myself. That’s a tough cookie I must say because of the daily distractions that surround me each day. So if you missed a day, keep going, do it the next day but do not stop.

“Don’t do your best. Just do”. – Wayne Dyer

Of course what Wayne (God bless his soul) is trying to say is that you don’t have to be perfect in everything you do, but to work on your goals consistently, every day.

And the way to do it is to FOCUS.

First, cancel out the noise and focus on your thoughts/goals. Print out your printables. Sit down for 30 mins to an hour and plan your goals for the month first and then break it down. And if you’re using my free printables, see how I do it below:

Real and Uncut

I like to be super realistic, open and honest with you because that’s just how I roll…

So here it is, a sneak preview into the goals of a fellow designer. It ain’t all pretty and tidy I know.. but once I get ideas in my head, I had to scribble them all down…hence the messy hand-writing. But hey, be yourself.. and do whatever floats your boat. Saw my little flower doodles? Well,  that’s just some things I like to do. Be yourself and put some personality into your goal-setting page if you like.

Then.. I fill out my tasks and goals into the Tasks Overview of the Week Planner. That’s one of my newest printables I have just created. Caution: It’s highly addictive to use. I have just started using this week, and I feel that it is already helping me to stay clear of distractions and I got so much clearer on what I have to do this week.

Let’s focus in on Week 3. See below how I do it:

So, I’ve taken what I’ve written down on Week 3 (left picture) and fill in the Tasks Overview Planner sheet (right picture).

If you can’t finish the extra tasks for the day.. feel free to move them around to suit the availability of each day. But do your best to achieve the goals for the week.

And that’s how you plan a fully productive week.

The Painful Reality

Oh yes… and the lack of sleep is also inevitable when one is chasing a dream.

There were a couple of weeks when I only have 3 to 4 hours of sleep. And when I finally head to bed like 4 am in the morning, the baby was crying and I had to feed her before I was able to lay my head to rest. So there were tough nights/early mornings. But I do it NOT because I have to.. but because I have a BIG vision in my mind that I can clearly see and a BIG enough why for me to push through ahead those tough days.

Whether you are in a similar (I hope not), stressful and tired situation like that.. just take a deep breath. Breathe. Relax. And then, say to yourself…

This too shall past…

And it will.

Have a clear vision

So you need to be clear about your vision first. It could be learning a new skill, completing a project for a client, building a playhouse for your child, to lose a few extra pounds or to achieve financial success.. whatever goals you have, you need to be clear on what the outcome you want and then plan ahead. Start with a big goal and then break it down into chunks.


Have a BIG enough WHY

You need to have a strong why and not just any why. Find a reason strong enough that makes you want to get out of bed to do it – no matter how tired or exhausted you are. And that magic WHY will pull you through the hard days especially when you feel like giving up.

My WHY is that I want a better life for my family. My kids are my driving force for me. I wake up everyday wanting a better life for my children. I want to give so much more back to society, the poor, to charity, to the church and the lives of children who are lacking education around the world.


Here’s a very cool video for you to watch if you need a boost of inspiration:

So before you get clear on your goals, go figure out your why if you haven’t already.

Do you have a BIG enough why to help pull you through the hard days of achieving your dream?

So what do you think? Feel free to leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

How You Can Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet

How You Can Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet

Welcome to Janice Designs

Previously known as Janicecreations.

First of all I just want to say how grateful I am for all of you who are reading my very first post today. I am thankful that I am able to voice out my thoughts on this blog. You have no idea how completely rewarding that feels especially if it is something I’m really passionate about.

I finally completed this challenge!

For those who have waited, I thank you for so much for your patience. I hope you like my new website which I have slaved night and day to make it happen and I finally did it in under three weeks. So yes, I’ve worked through the holidays. I was driven and have decided that I will get this up no matter what. The best part of it is I am able to kill two or three birds with one stone! As I was creating these printables, I was using them at the same time to plan out my business goals for 2017. I have also used these printables to assist me as I re-design my website. They have been a huge help to keep focus on completing this huge task (re-branding my website) in such a short time.


5 Ways On How I Set My Goals For the Year

Before I start planning my year, I spent some quiet time by myself, I meditate and say a little prayer so I have a clear, focus mind on what I want to achieve this year. I have some tools that helped me to do so:

  1. Try a calm, relaxation music that allows you to relax. Try this one. You Tube have a great resource on different kinds of calming music for free. Go check it out. It is not only great for meditating, but these relaxation music helps you to relieve stress and helps you to be peaceful. It just helps your mind to focus and tune it to what you want to do: reading, study, artistic work. It is absolutely amazing.
  2. Plan your tasks backwards. What I mean is, I start planning the whole year by writing down my goals and what I want to achieve for each month of the year. I used the Top 2017 Goal Overview Printable to help me to do so. Or look at the examples below.
  3. Plan your first three months from your Goals Overview. And breakdown your weekly tasks for each month. Continue this method every 90 days. I used the Monthly Goals & Weekly Breakdown Planner (print out three copies and start planning your first 90 days) or you can see the example below. You can also get a free copy of it here.
  4. It’s time to plan your week. Set clear, achievable goals for Monday to Sunday. I find when I started planning my week on what I want to achieve from 9am – 12pm, 12-3pm and so on and so forth, I feel like I’m not just treading on water and see where my life takes me. My day became clearer, I know what to expect and my day becomes more productive. Try this planner to help you achieve your weekly goals.
  5. Plan your day and set clear expectations on what you want to achieve today. It’s so easy to get distracted and carried away by the hustle and bustle of life. This is true especially when you have children that can take your most of your attention. Write your to do list – From taking your dog for a walk, running errands and taking the kids to school to going to work and working on various projects.. Writing these goals down and looking at them throughout the day can help you to focus and get your head back into whatever it is you want to achieve that day. This planner can help.


Here are some examples on how I used my printables.



More printables coming soon (e-store)

I hope you’ll take the time to browse through my work (I have more printables coming soon. I only had time to put those couple of ones up.). Also if you do want to learn more about me, you can read my story here. I thank you in advance. I am truly grateful to God for giving me this opportunity to share my passion with all of you!

I am grateful for every purchase of the Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet Collection Printables. I do believe it will help make your goal planning a lot easier.

For those who are on the fence – you can try these two first. You can have an awesome month by just using these two Free Printables!

Those two were taken from my ‘ Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet Collection‘. It is a 15 page goal setting planner for those who want to take goal planning up to the next level. For those who want more of a complete goal setting, this collection will be a big help to you as it did for me.

Ready to join me and make 2017 your best year yet?

Want to Achieve More This Month?

Plus, get 10% Off Your First Order (inc discounted items)

These two Free Printables can help you have an awesome month by just using them to stay organised. Keep focused. Achieve anything you want!

You have successfully signed up! Please confirm subscription to ACCESS your Free Printables & Coupon Code.

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