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So lets get into it!

  1. First, open your Illustrator program or if you are just getting started, you can purchase a plan or trial your free 30 Day here.
  2. Once you’ve installed and run the program, go to File > New > Insert width and height to 210x210mm or any dimensions you prefer. > Click OK

Now, you are ready to create your project!

  1. First, lets find any design resources you have to place into the art board. In this tutorial, we are using the Hopeless Romantic Toolkit. Click File > Place > (Find an image you want) > Click ‘Place
  2. I brought in the Tree, Swing and Teddy Bears over into the art board. Arrange the images to your liking.
  3. Here are some helpful shortcuts for you to use. If you’re using a Mac, replace Ctrl with CMD key:
    • To group an object = Ctrl G
    • To ungroup an object = Ctrl + Shift + G
    • To lock an object =  Ctrl+2
    • To unlock an object = Ctrl + Alt + 2
    • Bring object to front = Ctrl + Shift + ]
    • Send object to back = Ctrl + Shift + [
    • To mask an object = Ctrl + 7
    • To unmask an object = Ctrl + Alt + 7


To use the image for your projects, follow these steps:

  • Export as image (File > Export > Name your file and under Save as type: JPG or PNG (usually for transparent background) > Save.
  • Under Image/JPG options > Color Model: RGB  > Quality 10 > Resolution 300 DPI > Click ‘OK’.
  • Your image is now saved!


To upload it on the web, follow these steps:

  • Export as image (File > Export > Name your file and under Save as type: JPG or whatever suits you > Save.
  • Under Image/JPG options > Color Model: RGB  > Quality 7 and above > Resolution 72 DPI > Click ‘OK’.
  • Your image is now saved! Or take a screenshot and upload it online!

There you have it!

An easy cute wall art designed in Illustrator :).


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I hope you’ve learned something and you like this tutorial. Do leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions so I can improve on my future tutorials.

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