Did you know that I was a VERY tired, burned-out mom with a business that I was tirelessly working day and night on? At this point, my life was a mess, my house was a mess and worse of all, I was in a terrible state of mind.

That was TWO years ago.

Hi, I’m Janice and today I am living a very different kind of life. I am happier. I love my growing business. I love my life. I am in a more peaceful and clearer state of mind than I had ever been before. I know where I am heading and what I want to achieve in my life. Though the house is still in a mess (thanks to my 4 kids!), it’s definitely more manageable now.

This is all thanks to the power of printables! I soon realized that the simple act of writing your thoughts down on paper and following my intuition has become an integral part of my success to break free from my cluttered mind and shiny-object-syndrome.

This is still true today. And I want to help you have the same success – whatever your story is.



The Video Walkthrough of the Inspired Printables Club

It’s all about inspiring, bringing value and letting you take advantage of our growing library of beautiful, high quality printables!


For only a ONE-TIME payment.

This Printable Club is For You

If you want to…



Take control of your life


Get more value of our growing library of printables


Get a boost of inspiration while you plan (inspiring quotes)


Start working to achieving your goals in your business, projects, health, life and finances


Organize and de-clutter your life


Be encouraged through our inspirational videos that You CAN DO IT!


Get exclusive access to new printables from my video tutorials and inspirational videos.


Gain exclusive savings on my printables (new and existing ones)

For only a ONE-TIME payment.

In the club, you will get access to…

NEW Printables Every Month

Following a theme for every month.

Planner Related Printables

This could range anything from a goal setting planner, project planner, habit tracker and much more.

List Printables

Get a various range of list printables.

Home and Organizational Planners

Organize and clutter free your home with these printables.

Wallpapers / Wall Art

Get a beautiful range of wallpapers for your desktop and wall art for your home or office.

Inspirational Quotes + Video

The inspirational quote is to motivate you each month as you plan your goals. This can be a form of a printable, wall art or desktop wallpaper. The quote will be accompanied by a motivational video from a well-known influencer or from me.

Special Occasion

Special cards for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day and more will be added soon.

Stationery Printables

Bookmark printables, pattern paper and more coming soon.

Exclusive Club Member Discounts

Get 30% Off everything in store (all year round) and gain more savings especially on new products I create in my shop.

For only a ONE-TIME payment.

When you join the Inspired Printables Club,  you will also get access to a growing library of 70+ High Quality Printables which consist of



Various Printable Planners


Various List Printables


Home and Organizational Planners

Inspirational Quotes

Wall Art / Wallpaper

Stationery Printables

Special Occasion Printables

Here are some examples from the library of printables:


For only a ONE-TIME payment.

For only a small one-time payment,

you will get:



Access to a growing library of 70+ beautiful printables

New printables every month

Focusing on a theme for every month.

Free printables from my YouTube videos

Get EXCLUSIVE access to my printables (created from my tutorials) each time I create a new video tutorial. 

Access to All email freebies (old and new)

Get access to ALL previous Email Freebies (that are not currently in the Free Access area)

Inspirational videos + EXTRA Printables

I’ll share some inspirational videos of well-known influencers, my thoughts on a quote I love and how I use my printables to organize my life and biz. I will usually pair these videos with an inspirational quote printable which can only be access by club members!

Free Fonts & Other DESIGN Resources

Let me share some amazing free fonts and design resources I regularly use for my business with you.

Email Newsletter

Also a monthly newsletter to inform you of any new content or bonus printable added to the club; so you won’t miss a thing!

exclusive club member discounts

Get 30% Off everything in store (all year round) to gain more savings especially on new products I create in my shop.

And to sweeten the deal…

If you become a club member today, we’ll throw in the

Newest 2020 Printable Calendar for FREE!


 Be a Lifetime Member for ONLY $10!

 This offer is a ONE-TIME payment. Only for a limited time. As our library grows, the price will eventually go up! So get in while you still can. Loved to see you inside the club soon!

Answers to Your Questions

What is this printable club about?

This club is about inspiring and helping you take 100% responsibility for your life through our printables. It is for those who wants to organize their lives and gain access to a growing library of printables to get more value of this club.

What kind of content can I expect?

We’re BIG on positive, inspirational quotes. We are going to share LOTS of them and inspirational videos as well. Janice will also share her honest experiences as she juggles between motherhood, running a household and 2 businesses at the same time – all the while crushing her goals!

What currency are your payments in?

All payments will be processed in US Dollars.

Can I cancel my membership any time?

Yes, you can. Although since it’s a lifetime membership, you don’t need to. If you still want to cancel, please send us an email to hello@janicedesigns.co to fully remove you from our members area.  You will lose access forever and you’ll need to pay the membership fee again to access our club.

Do you do refunds?

No, we don’t do refunds. That is why we have an option to try before you join. You need to sign up first to access your free printables and explore the club. So try our free printables first and once you’re ready to join the club, sign up with only a ONE-TIME payment for a lifetime access to the club. You can then access your printables any time you like. 

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Free 11 Planner Printables

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