Are you ready to make the switch to


Are you ready to finally own your own store, make your own rules, convert your visitors into customers and own your email list?

Ask yourself these questions to qualify

Is this You?

  • You don’t want to spend hours, days or weeks to learn the technical part of creating a Shopify store that converts
  • You own an Etsy store and want to make the switch to Shopify?
  • You’re making great sales on Etsy but want more control over your store, increase your profits and getting your customers to join your email newsletter list.
  • You want to finally own your own email list after customers make a purchase
  • Attract your audience with a beautiful, professionally designed e-commerce store that converts?
  • You are sick of selling your digital or physical products on a platform that deducts high fees from the sales of your store.
  • You’re sick of following enforced marketplace rules on your store which eventually affect your store’s bottom line.
  • You want to focus more on selling rather than spending hours maintaining your WooCommerce store.
  • You’re tired of spending $100’s on WooCommerce plugins to run your store effortlessly
  • You want a store that runs fast and works well on all digital platforms (desktop, tablet and on mobile phones).
  • You want to stop losing sales with slow websites!
  • You want a store that’s super easy to customize and create listings even after the design process is completed for you.

If you have answered “Yes” to any of the above questions

Then the answer is YES! I can absolutely help you design your Shopify store.

So why am I qualified for this task? Why choose me to design your Shopify store?

If you want to run a successful Shopify store, it doesn’t only need to look good but it needs to convert your visitors into customers too!

So why me? Besides having about 9 years of e-commerce experience, I’ve also already created multiple Shopify stores in the past few years, that convert well for my own businesses (selling physical and digital products), so I absolutely know what I am doing.

I am also a qualified and experienced graphic designer of almost 20 years. So combining my skills of building Shopify stores with my graphic design skills, you can be rest assured that you will gain a store that not only looks beautiful but converts well too.

Because I have taken Sarah’s Million Dollar Shop course, I absolutely understand what it takes for an e-commerce store to convert well. I have taken into account her recommendations on the type of apps to install and her recommended free themes that she still uses today to make millions from her own Shopify store.

Did You Know?

Having the right theme for your store is super important for a successful e-commerce store? I didn’t know this before. I’ve tested it and it’s absolutely true! The theme that you choose for your store could either make or break your store’s conversion rate.

On the first 3 days of launching my Janice Designs store on Shopify, I’ve made over $312 in sales (almost covering my first year of subscription in Shopify). I was over the moon! Even my physical product sales surpasses the sale I had on WooCommerce when I first moved my store over to Shopify. In the first month, I saw an increase of 87% in revenue from the previous month. And the next month, a 20% increase from the month before. I was absolutely shocked. I then realized that people just love shopping on Shopify. It has made a real difference in my sales for both my digital and physical product stores.

240 orders and over $21,800 in sales made within one month!

 Recently, my physical product store has seen an increase of organic traffic due to a TV program which was advertising a particular product in my store.

The results?

A staggering 240 orders and over $21,800 (USD $14k) in sales made within that month, with only 8,061 visitors, and a 2.61% conversion rate.

ES Shopify Sale for July 2022

This was not possible if I hadn’t design my store for conversion. And because my store was built for conversion, when traffic did come through, my sales went through the roof that month! 

Since then, even though the traffic has stabilised, my store is still doing quite well and I’ve been having daily sales in my store since that increase of traffic in July.

In August (screenshot below), I’ve made just under $10k from organic traffic and organic searches made for that particular product. And I only had about 2,450 visitors that month, with a conversion rate of 3.43%.

 Pretty good, don’t you think?

ES Shopify Sale for August 2022

And I want the same results for you too!

But I know it’s not easy to design a store that converts. It takes time, effort and experience to do so. So why not cut the learning curve and let me do the hard work for you?


✨ Here’s what to expect ✨

⭐ You will be given two free Shopify themes to choose from that are proven to convert well.

⭐ Setting up your store for conversion

⭐ Personalizing your store to your brand colors or you can let me choose it for you (I’m great with colors 😉) 

⭐ Create 3-5 categories/collections

⭐ Create 3 x product listings

⭐ Create 3 x Simple product images for your listings

⭐ 1 x Basic banner design

⭐ 1 x Profile picture with a short bio

⭐ Adding 5 main pages (about, contact, terms & conditions, privacy policy, FAQ)

⭐ Removing Shopify branding from your store

⭐ Preparing all the right necessary footer links

⭐ Adding all the right free apps to run your Shopify store successfully

⭐ Duration to design your store (3-10 days). Sometimes more as I work on a first come, first serve basis.

⭐ You’re allowed 2 amendments for your Shopify store. 

⭐ Lifetime access to our NEW Customers Hub. Short video tutorials will be provided for you on how to add a new product listing to your own store and much more.

⭐ At anytime when you need some extra services while I’m designing your store (further amendments, designing your lead magnet, connecting to your email autoresponder or helping you connect to a custom domain, creating your logo etc.) my hourly rate will apply. See FAQ below for more info.


🌛 Be rest assured. You will NOT be left in the dark 🌜

After the completion of your store, I won’t just leave you hanging to figure things out by yourself, because there are still a few more things to set up on your end before making your store live to the public.

That is why I even created a beautiful customers hub for my Shopify store clients.

Shopify Customers Hub_Mac


⭐ I will show you what to do next once the ownership of your store has been transferred over to you.

⭐ Exclusive step by step video tutorials on how to customize your store (later on if you need to)

⭐ Additional tips and tricks to convert your store better.

⭐ Lifetime access. Access any time you want.


*Note that the hub can only be accessed by clients who have completed with the design of their stores.

✨ Stores Recently Built for My Customers ✨

Here are 5 unique customers with

5 unique store designs based on individual needs and concepts for their stores


I LOVE my Shopify store, thank you so much, Janice!! I have been wanting to open a Shopify store for a while, and even took a course on how to build my store, but I am not a “techy” and for months I struggled and could not make my vision come true. I thought about finding a designer to help bring my vision to life but did not know where to look. Well, along comes Divine Intervention! I received a newsletter from Janice, and she discussed her Shopify store design service. I have always liked her products and her Shopify store design, so I dove in, and boy, she exceeded my expectations. Janice is wonderful to work with, she communicates consistently while building your store, and is a graphic designer so you are guaranteed that your store is going to be professional and ready to convert. She has a beautiful Customer Hub with videos to help you manage your store. If you are considering a Shopify store, do yourself a favor and partner with Janice, you will be glad you did!!

Kimberly Hamilton

Gypsy Soul Printables

so Why Choose shopify?

The Benefits of Owning a Shopify Store

  • Shopify is one of the BEST e-commerce stores in the world!
  • People absolutely LOVE shopping on Shopify!
  • Converts well compared to other e-commerce stores
  • It’s quick and easy to set up your listings
  • No need to be technical in running your store.
  • Minimal store maintenance
  • Great customer support 24/7
  • It’s secure and reliable (built-in SSL certs and deals with sensitive customer information including credit card details securely and reliably)
  • Better conversion than stores on WooCommerce
  • Store runs fast and mobile friendly. Shopify ensures your shopping cart is available at all times, and that your pages load quickly.
  • Shopify takes care of all server maintenance and upgrades to keep your store running smoothly


  • No additional transaction fees if you go with Shopify’s own payment gateway
  • Shopify supports many third party payment providers as well
  • Provides many free themes and apps to support your Shopify store
  • All Shopify plans include unlimited bandwidth for free.
  • Powerful Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) features that will help your website rank higher in search results so customers can find you.
  • Advanced analytics to tell you where your customers are coming from so you can tailor your marketing accordingly. 
  • Shopify offers a built-in abandoned checkout cart recovery service which automatically tracks and emails these potential customers to remind them to complete their purchase

How it works

Purchase & Fill Up the Form

You need to purchase my services before I can help you with your store. After purchasing, you’re required to fill up the form so I am able to get all the information I need to create your store.

Designing Your Store

I will take between 3-7 days to create your store. Sometimes longer if I have multiple stores to create at the same time. You will be given a time frame when I receive your order.

Get it Delivered to You via Email

After your store is completed, I will send you a preview of your store. You will be allowed a couple of amendments. When you’re happy with your store, I will transfer the ownership of your new Shopify store for you to accept via email. You will then need to enter in your credit card details to start your Shopify subscription (monthly, annually or more) before your store could be live.

Let me Create Your Shopify Store for You

So are you ready to finally own your store on Shopify and sky rocket your sales?

Get me to design your Shopify store that converts for you for only $1500 $500!



We’ll let you know as soon as we’re able to accept more applications.

So please join our waiting list below👇🏻


Got questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long until I can access my new store?

I may take between 3-10 days to complete your new store depending on how many stores I am currently working on at the time of your order. The timeframe also varies depending on how soon you have completed the form and send me the information for your store.

I will work on a first come, first serve basis. If you want extra work done on your store, obviously this can take another 1-2 weeks depending on how fast I get the information from you and how soon you want to access your store.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, I do have a fortnightly payment plan in place, but unfortunately I won’t be able to transfer the full ownership of your store until full payment is made. So full payment upfront is preferred if you want to receive your store in a timely manner.

Are there additional costs on top of your design cost?

Apart from the payment which includes the creation of your store (and everything in the “here’s what to expect” section), the only extra cost will be the Shopify subscription to host your store, which you can choose to pay monthly, annually or 3 years in advance. However, there may be an additional personal cost if you choose to add additional features to the store like an upsell app for example, which may incur extra fees every month. 

Can I choose a different theme for my store?

You can, but I don’t recommend it because I don’t know how well your store will convert with your chosen theme other than what I recommend. So to be safe, I do recommend to stick with the two theme options which I will recommend for your store if you choose to get my help.

Do you only create stores that sell digital products?

For the most part, yes – as Sarah’s recommendations are mainly for digital product stores. However I have followed the same principles of building a Shopify store for my physical product store (my other business) which is converting very well for me too. So if you want me to build a store for your physical product business, I can do so as well. Just send me an email through my contact form if you have further questions.

Can I get additional work done on my Shopify store?

Yes, you can! If you need extra amendments, add more product listings or more personalized design done on your Shopify Store, my hourly rate of $70 (USD) will apply. Other places will charge you at least $100 or more /hour. So I’m offering you a great bargain to do extra work on your store.

Can you guarantee my conversion of sales in Shopify?

Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee a high conversion of sales for your new Shopify store, because designing a store that converts in only one piece of a puzzle. What you also need in addition to a well-designed Shopify store is high quality traffic. But I can almost say in certainty that once your store is set up for conversion, and you work on sending traffic to your store, your store will absolutely convert! I speak from experience. I also recommend taking Sarah’s Million Dollar Shop course to learn how she generates organic traffic to her store and she shares many more other tips on how to generate traffic to your store in her course. I highly recommend you take her course.

Do you offer a refund?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a refund once you’ve purchased our services, so please think carefully before you decide to have me work on your store.

Ready for Janice to design your Shopify store for you?

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