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My Story

Hi, my name is Janice Banks. And I am many things.

I am a MOM-entrepreneur, a graphic + web designer, an email marketer, a dreamer, and an avid learner and lover of the online world..

Above all, I am a beloved child of God.

First and foremost, being a MOTHER is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I LOVE being a mom to my 4 wonderful kids. At the same time, I LOVE what I do and so I told myself “why not do both?”. I can create my own dream. My own life.

In the past 10 years, I had a job, I freelanced, ran a few businesses, multi-tasked my way through taking care of my family, running a household, changing multiple diapers (phew!) while keeping my business afloat. I loved it. It was hard work. But there were also terribly hard days.

Nevertheless, I have learned valuable lessons during my struggles. Being a multipotentialite (diving into different interests at the same time) has its setbacks. Venturing into many things at the same time can be quite overwhelming. That word is actually an understatement. I had become so stressed, exhausted and totally burned out that I knew something’s got to change in order to have some control and order in my life again.

How Did I Get Here?

The revelation came to me at the toughest point of my life. As much as I wanted to venture into many things, I knew I had to focus and master ONE thing first before I could explore the rest. And that’s what I decided to do.

I knew that if all else fails, there’s one thing I could never, ever, abandon.

And that is creating, inventing and designing. I’m a creative person by nature and always needed an outlet to explore this side of me. So I decided to give my passion another go and I plunged into it without a second thought.

Using Printables

At this point, my life was a mess, my house was a mess (still is as you can imagine having 4 kids in the home – but definitely improving!) and worse of all, my mind’s a mess.

I heard that using printables to organize your life can make a real difference. So I tried some free ones out there and thought to myself, “hey, I can easily make these too”. So I made a set of printables myself and used them to organize my life. Oh, what a difference it has made!

I got a lot more done. I got on top of my housework. It was darn fun ticking off those pesky tasks of my list. My plan for the whole year was laid out plainly so I knew what to expect and to create/design for each month.

Everything that came to my mind was clearly written down and I became more focused. Most importantly, my mind became as clear as day.

Creating Printables

I thought to myself that if I could make these printables and sell them online, I could not only help organize my life but also help others to organize their life too.

The thought of making a difference in someone else’s life seems so much more meaningful and if I could create a product that will help others like myself to take 100% responsibility for their life, they would, I hope, be in a much happier state like I am now.

And in the process, I get to have fun doing so while supporting my growing family. After all, this is about them too.

More Than Just Printables

Getting organized is important but being inspired is just as important.

Without inspiration, there will be no desire to take action. And planning without taking action is useless.

So that’s why I have created inspiring motivational quote designs to keep you inspired and stay motivated. Check out my latest motivational quotes from my new life planner here.

I hope these quotes will help you to re-condition your mind, boost your confidence and encourage you to take action.

I want to encourage you to DREAM BIG. To know what’s possible. To push yourself beyond your limits. Because you are MORE CAPABLE than you know. To achieve your dreams. To be in your best health. To create an unlimited amount of wealth.

And it all starts with YOUR MIND.

I am Ready to Take Action. Where do I Start?

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