Life Planner: Mid Year 2018-2019 (2nd Edition)



You can still use this sweet planner for 2019. The only difference is the Mid Year Calendar & Goal Overview Planner with the year 2018/2019 written on them. That’s it. The rest of the planners are undated!

The 2nd edition of the Mid Year Planner (which is the exact planner as the Make Your Best Year Yet Collection) is the same beautiful and elegant planner but in vibrant colours. Plus, we’ve added an additional 4 pages to this edition. We’ve also changed some of the pages a little to keep them fresh and exciting.

If you haven’t yet sat down to plan for the rest of the year or the following year ahead, the Mid Year 2018-2019 Life Planner is perfect for you! This beautiful and elegant planner will help bring you clarity to your goals, projects, schedule, and life!





Life Planner: Mid Year 2018-2019 (2nd Edition)

This planner was carefully thought out and beautifully crafted to be as useful as possible so you can have a great start to goal planning.

You will also find little snippets of motivational quotes on these printables to inspire you and keep you motivated as you plan your monthly, weekly or daily goals. Have a look below to see what’s included in this collection.

This is a great planner for those who haven’t yet sat down and plan for the rest of the year and the following year ahead. This planner will bring clarity to your goals, projects, schedule and life!


28 PAGE GOAL SETTING PRINTABLES with vibrant NEW cover page:

  1. Old Year/New Year Reflection
  2. My Mid Year 2017-2018 Goals Overview Planner
  3. Mid Year 2018-2019 Calendar
  4. Plan of Action (Get Ready, Set, Go!)
  5. Various Goal Tracker (Planning, Exercise, Organization, Meal Plan, Budget/Savings, Cleaning, Meal Plan)
  6. Various Goal Tracker (blank)
  7. Various Goal Tracker (version 2) – NEW
  8. To Do List
  9. Checking In With Myself – NEW
  10. Monthly Planner
  11. Monthly Goals & Weekly Breakdown Planner
  12. Achieving Goals
  13. Weekly Planner
  14. Daily Planner
  15. Tasks Overview for the Week
  16. Project Planner
  17. Project Planner (blank)
  18. Meeting Tracker
  19. Habit Tracker
  20. Budget Planner
  21. Budget Planner (blank) – NEW
  22. Expense Tracker
  23. Income Tracker – NEW
  24. Weekly Meal Planner
  25. Grocery List
  26. Ways I Can Make More Money
  27. Hobbies & Skills I’d Like To Attain
  28. Being Grateful Reminder

This is an instant PDF digital download. You need a PDF Reader to view or print your printables.

  • Ink-friendly, casual, playful and sophisticated design
  • This digital download prints out to fit on A4 / A5 Size
  • Save ink and paper. Pick and choose what you like to print.
  • You may also type in the PDF file before printing if you have Adobe Acrobat Reader. Great for those who prefer tidy-typed-goals instead of hand-written ones.

Don’t see the size you want? Feel free to message me and I will be happy to help.

Get organized. Get focused. Take action today and achieve your goals!

Additional information

Pick a Size

A5 (148 x 210mm), A4 (210 x 297mm)


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