Hello, hello again…

I’m very excited to launch my newest creation which is coming VERY SOON to you..

The launch date is set to this Sunday, 11th November. Jot it down, put a reminder and remember it, my friend.

My newest product is a journal printable collection and this is specially made for the bullet journal and printable planner lovers in mind.. If you like doodling, writing notes, scrap booking, using washi tapes and cute stickers on your journals.. this is for YOU.

I wanted to create a product for people to express themselves using their creativity and I have noticed that these group of people who enjoys journaling, enjoys decorating and personalizing their journals. And although this is not your typical bullet journals you see out there in the market place, I have designed it to simplify the lives of bullet journal fans; keeping in mind for those who enjoy goal-setting printables as well. I also love this theme I’ve chosen very much. 

I have always loved to express the childlike-ness in myself through my products or projects over the years. And in addition to my love of fairy tales, magical forest and beings, I wanted to create a product with this theme in mind. It is a simple, cute but a functional journal. I have kept it simple so you can take over and let your imagination run wild while you create the journal that you love and enjoy using.

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