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Using videos are so popular these days. Do you know that YouTube is now the 2nd largest search engine on the internet? While video marketing is generally an afterthought, its value should not be taken lightly. Instead, it should be one of your top priorities inside your content marketing strategy.

Here are the very best 11 reasons why video is super important for content marketing and really should be in your own marketing plan, especially if you are selling any type of digital printable, physical products or services.

1. Stand Out From Your Competition

If you look at the digital printable marketplace, the competition is fierce out there. And there is still quite a demand for digital printables for various usage. From printable planners, calendars, quotes, and workbooks to games, crafts, wall art and party printables. If you haven’t started showcasing your works on video yet, this is your time to take advantage of this marketing strategy and stand out from your competition.

2. Helps to Improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

First off, utilizing video inside your content marketing efforts will without a doubt improve your Search Engine Optimisation. In fact, based on Comscore, adding a video aimed at your website or blog content can increase the likelihood of being on the first page of Google by 53 times.


3. 10x More Likely to Engage with Your Audience

It’s been said repeatedly that visual content is the key to excellent engagement. Video isn’t any exception. So when you’re considering what kinds of posts to schedule on internet sites in the weeks to come, think video. Audiences are 10 times more likely to engage, share, embed and comment on your video content compared to blogs or associated social posts.


4. Better Customer Attention

Videos are proven to need more customer attention than every other medium. Capturing the attention of your potential target audience is important especially while we’re in the middle of a content-overload world for customers.


5. Higher Optimization Opportunities

Just how much of your latest article did your readers have read? Did they re-read different parts of it? Or return to it later and read it once again? Did they share it with their buddies? To be honest, it’s pretty difficult to answer these types of questions on a text-based content material.

Video, on another hand, has this feedback loop built-in. Measure click-through rate, drop-off points, or quantity of times watched. You may also measure it right down to the level of the individual.

And it all comes right down to the feedback loop for videos; meaning you can measure to know what’s working as well as what’s not. This is absolutely fantastic because you can now pay attention to more of the actual stuff that’s working!


6. Video is a More Favored Technology

Using the increased usage of video and also the resulting rise in production, technologies are leaning increasingly more towards favoring the actual video-marketer.

For instance, consider Facebook’s addition of the auto-play. Undoubtedly, the auto-play video gets more attention than a status update or a link to an article inside your newsfeed.


7. Larger Retention Rates

65% of viewers watch a lot more than ¾ of the video, which is a lot more than text-based content material.

So if you are creating content and you’ve got a message to get across; or if you want to showcase your digital or physical products for your e-commerce store, why don’t you use video instead?


8. Affordable & Easily Accessible

Creating a video used to take several weeks and many 1000s of dollars. But not anymore. The production of great video content has become much more affordable within the last few years. Businesses like VideoMakerFX, GoAnimate, as well as Wondershare Filmora make the actual creation of video as easy as writing a blog.

Wondershare Filmora is especially a wonderful video creation software that lets you create beautiful, professional videos breezily without any technical skills. Its interface is user-friendly and comes with free and paid animated effects and elements for beautiful slideshow transitioning. Not to mention, royalty-free soundtracks.

It’s beginner-friendly, so anyone who can click, drag and drop can easily create any video. You can now create professional videos with ease without the technical-know-how while cutting back on production time (compared to other professional video software) and attracting the right target audience for your business.


9. Better E-mail Click-Throughs & Increase Traffic to Your Website

Just imagine having written your email for days which contains important information for your customers. But will it resonate or drive results? Will your subscribers even read it?  Now here comes, video. Using video in emails has proven to double click-through rates. This is also a great way to increase traffic organically to your website if you upload them to YouTube.

Want far better emails, click-through rates and increase website traffic? Use video, please… I’m begging you!


10. Stronger Emotional & Psychological Connections

Video may be the most effective method to evoke emotions on the internet. Video offers a lot of attributes far above traditional content like your tone of voice, facial expressions, as well as music, to name a few.

While you may not have the urge to purchase a product immediately after watching through an emotion-filled video, they will be at play afterwards in a much more subtle and unconscious way. Evoking emotion in marketing has proven to favorably impact a customer buying-decision, especially in B2B marketplaces.


11. Increased Customer Conversions

So what is one of the most important reasons for using video in your content marketing strategy?

Video converts much more customers.

It’s so simple, isn’t it? Unfortunately, there are still many of us who are not taking advantage of this amazing marketing strategy. Recent research implies that 71% of entrepreneurs say video conversions outperform other advertising content. Need any of us say more?



I hope these 11 important reasons will help give you a better understanding of why it is so important to use video to showcase your printables, products or services. I also hope it will inspire you to take action to create your first video for your products, services, blog or business (if you haven’t already).

Video has been around for some time now. You simply can’t ignore its value, so remember to include in your content marketing plan. But before you begin recording your very first video, make sure you’ve got a video strategy in place.


Need Some Help In Your Video Creation?

I know it can be a daunting task creating your first video for your products or services. Maybe you’re just busy and do not have the time and resources to do it. You only want to focus on what matters most to your business and you want to delegate this pesky little task to a professional that will do it all for you. If this is you, I can help.

For more information about my video creation services, just go to the Video Creation page. You can either choose to buy the right video project for you right now, or contact me below if you have any other questions about my services.

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