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Video creation:

showcase your products or Services

Videos are becoming increasingly popular these days and your visitors will prefer watching a video than just reading your content. You can also rank your blog high in search engines when you choose to combine video with your blog content.

Video is perfect for you too if you have an e-commerce store. You can showcase your beautiful products with amazing, cinematic effects and animations and with the right soundtrack, you can make your works stand out from the competition.

video intro & outro

Adding an INTRO to your videos will give a great first impression to your viewers and you will be perceived as a professional. Adding the OUTROs to your videos will help to inform the right CTA for your viewers to either to visit your website or to purchase your product. And the first impression is always important.

So request for an INTRO and OUTRO today and give the BEST FIRST and LAST impression to your viewers.

Creative Process

The process is an important part of creating a beautiful and amazing slideshow presentation to showcase your products or services.

what is your theme?

After deciding your product or services you want to promote, it is time to choose a theme to tie it all together and bring this product presentation to live. It is important to choose the right theme so it will further enhance your product or services you want to promote, while leaving your viewers a good lasting impression of your product or company. This is where I come in. I will help guide you in picking the right theme for your video presentation. Example of themes: Halloween, Christmas, Autumn, Party, Elegance, Retro, Funky etc.

quality images

The secret of producing professional-looking videos 90% comes from the quality of your images, how your products are arranged and displayed in your images and that your images are always in high resolution within 150dpi to 300dpi range. I need all of your images prepared beforehand before I can proceed with your video creation. If you haven’t got them ready yet and you need my help, please use the contact form below to request this. This is a separate project in itself as it can be a BIG task preparing these files.


The Steps You Need To Take Before Your Video Creation.

  1. Choose your product or service to promote.
  2. See the pricing table below. Once you decide on your project, click Buy Now.
  3. Please prepare your files beforehand to speed up the creation process.
  4. I need your Logo in PNG format (transparent background) in 300dpi.
  5. Your product images need to be around 1920 x 1080 px with at least 150 dpi
  6. Please send me your chosen background music (if you decide to use your own)
  7. Please send in your requested files in a timely manner to avoid delay to your project. My advice is to prepare your product images first before you purchase your chosen project.
  8. Remember to pick a theme. I will guide you to pick the right one for your product/service.
  9. Once I received all of the requested files above, I will proceed with your video creation.


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